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Image by Hayley Maxwell


So, you have a beginning and an ending for a story you can't get out of your mind, and you have the skills to write it, but you're stuck on how to fill the novel in the middle?

Plotting is one of the major stress causes when it comes to writing a novel. The amount of authors we know (including us, in the past) who have got themselves stuck in a corner they can't get themselves out of is astounding. It's all part of the journey.

However, it can also put a stop to the novel being completed for far too many months, often years, too.

Let us get involved in the process. We will sit down with you to discuss your initial ideas, and we'll give you the plot basics for the rests of your story so you can go away, follow it, and write until your heart is content.

Prices start at £150/$180

Contact Nikki or Anna for this service.

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