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Helping writers fulfil their author dreams...

Image by Jess Bailey


- Content and Developmental Editor

- Line Editor

- Copy Editor


- Proofreader

- Blurb Writer/Editor

- Plotter

- Author Career Coach

Anna has been in love with books for as long as she can remember. Since her first purchase at a school book fair she’s been obsessed with the written word and spent most of her teenage years inhaling the classics, before falling in love with vampires in her thirties. Publishing for a decade and with over twenty published novels, Anna is an enthusiastic advocate of the craft of writing and will lovingly help you shape your ideas into the perfect completed book. Whether that’s from plotting your ideas into a tight and reader hooking outline, to providing the finishing polish on a manuscript you love. Anna loves to build close working relationships with her clients and prides herself on always being on hand to help with any niggles and worries. Using the research skills she gained from her history degree Anna applies attention to detail everything she does. Fully qualified with a diploma in Copy Editing and Proof Reading Anna likes to make every sentence shine, giving nurturing and passionate feedback that can help your author career soar.


To follow Anna's author career, simply click here: ANNA'S BOOKS

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