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Helping writers fulfil their author dreams...

Image by Jess Bailey

- Content and Developmental Editor

- Line Editor

- Copy Editor

- Proofreader

- Ghostwriter

Nikki’s love of the written word started from the second she could read. In her forty something years on Earth, she is rarely without a book in her hand or a manuscript on her laptop that she’s immersing herself in.

 Having been a reader first (and always), and now an author, editor, and a literary agent, Nikki feels she has found her place in the book world and loves to help others do that, too. Working with bestselling authors and hobbyists alike, Nikki gives equal importance to every manuscript to ensure a clean, sparkly masterpiece.

 Nikki loves to help her authors dig deep and find the spark that really sets their work on fire. Whether you need help finding the emotional connection that makes your heart beat a little faster, or someone to point out plot holes, inconsistencies, and typos, Nikki throws herself in to the new worlds that come her way to guide you and your novel to reach its full potential.


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