Nikki from Indie Hub responded to me almost immediately when I contacted her to edit my novella. We exchanged a few emails, she gave me a sample edit of my first chapter, and within a few days we made an agreement. I was quoted 7-10 days for a return but it had been returned much faster than that. The quality of the work was impressive, I found the manuscript to flow easier after I made the suggested edits. Nikki commented on a few things she didn't understand and I honestly appreciate that, if she didn't understand than I'm assuming readers wouldn't have either. I could tell she really dug deep into editing, something I look for in an editor. I was very pleased with the work and time it took to complete.

Ginger Wells

Anna and her team did a terrific job on the first book in my new series. All the commentary and help with the punctuation helped to create a better flow within my book. The delivery was made well within my projected timeline and was very helpful. All the personal touches on what Anna and her team liked and didn't like also helped to clear up any and all confusion I might have had. Emails were answered very quickly and I knew my book was in good and competent hands. Thank you so much!

Amber Thielman

Anna was absolutely lovely to work with! She was quick and efficient and communicated so well with me, which I think is such an overlooked luxury in the business. I had issues with my last editor and wanted to give The Indie Hub a try. I think it's safe to say they will be doing all my future editing jobs! If you're looking for some wonderful, thorough, and dedicated editors, you've found them. Thank you, Anna and Nikki!