Indie Hub Services


Copy and Line editing.


0.005 pence (UK) 0.007cents (US) per word.

Includes a second pass to ensure your manuscript is as clean as possible before it goes to a proof-reader.


Correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Checks for consistency of facts, capitalisation, hyphenation, and numerals.

Refining the arrangement of words to create well-formed sentences and smooth-transitioning paragraphs. Polishing the overall communication of the story.


Content/Developmental editing.


0.003 pence (UK) 0.004 cents (US) per word.


This kind of edit looks at the book’s bigger picture, overall structure, plot, and characters. The big picture questions need to be answered first before an editor ensures your words are polished and used correctly.


Copy, Line, and Content editing.

0.006-0.008pence (UK) 0.008-0.010 cents (US) per word.


Both of the above. 1 round of content, then a thorough copy and line edit.




0.0025 pence (UK) 0.0035 cents (US) per word.

(Discount applicable if you have used an Indie Hub editor for your initial edits.)


A final check before publication to find missed typos, missing words, repeated words. Proofreading should be the very last level of editing before your book goes to be formatted.