Do you write Contemporary romance, Paranormal Romance, Dark Romance, Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi Romance?

What’s that? You do? And you need an editor?!

Well, what are you waiting for? Give me your words!


I’m a passionate Indie author who loves to polish words and stories to make them shine. If you can’t already tell, romance is totally my thing. I’m all about the love, and I’m equally passionate about the journey to get to the happy ending ;)

Having said that, I also love a crime thriller, or twisty suspense, just to shake things up a bit. So if that’s what you write, gimme that, too! (Yes, I’m greedy. I want all the amazing books!)


When I started out as an Indie author, I had no idea the journey it would take to get my stories ready for publishing. There are so many things to learn, and so many different components to remember. There’s also a lot to worry about, and my aim is to take the worry out of editing by being right there with you the whole way through (If that’s what you want!).

-You need to message at 3am with a question that’s keeping you awake? No problem. (Replies at 3am not always guaranteed!)

-You have a question that seems ridiculous? Don’t be afraid to hit me with it, the only silly questions are the ones that are never asked!

-You want to challenge one of my suggestions? GREAT! We can work through everything together so that your manuscript, your story that you’ve worked tirelessly on night after night, has 100% of your voice with just a sprinkle of guidance from me to add that final shine.


A good editor, for me, is one who keeps your voice, who holds your hand, who provides honest, professional feedback to ensure you’re putting out the best product of your ability. It’s a passion. A labour of love.

No one ever said it would be easy, but I’m damn sure it’s less frustrating and more fun with an editor who gets you.

Nikki xx

If you’re in need of an editor, but still don’t know what you are looking for let me introduce myself. I’m an indie and trad published author, my first book released in 2013 and since then it’s been a rollercoaster of excitement, anxiety and sometimes insane paranoia. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, what classes you’ve taken, or what skill set you bring to your work, writing a book is a huge undertaking! I should know I’ve written countless of them. What I’ve learned over the years and what leads me on the path to editing is wanting to share my love of words, of the craft, with others. If I can help you shape and mould your story into something truly spectacular then I will, with the greatest sense of pride.


Over my years in the industry, I’ve worked with many different editors, finding the perfect fit isn’t always instant. I make a promise to every client, to every manuscript, that I will always maintain integrity. I will always treat your words as if they were my own book babies and I will always guarantee that we will work on any problems until the book you receive at the end is the one you set out to achieve. Plot holes? Stiff characters? We’ve all been there, and I’m sure I have tricks up my sleeve that can bring your words to life. If you’re working on a series and get stuck with continuity, or story development, I will be there to help guide you along. For me that’s what being the perfect editor is about.


So what do I like to read and edit? I love romance, especially YA or NA. I’m a huge sucker for Paranormal and Fantasy, and my true love is Historical. You could get my History degree to work for you and I will happily check for facts and relevance within your storyline.


More than anything, I will be flexible, approachable and honest. I will never let you release a book that won’t grab readers. Together we can work together to make something which will fly of shelves and soar into readers hearts.


I will work tirelessly to ensure your own rollercoaster ride is smooth and exhilarating, and one that heads for success. Together we will create a team which brings your words to dazzling life.

Anna xx